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Furnace Oil

It is a by-product of petroleum refineries. While processing the CRUD Oil, FO ( Furnace Oil ) is one of the products along with other petroleum fuels like HSD, Petrol etc.

Furnace oil is a residual fuel (high speed diesel, kerosene, and motor spirit are distillate fuels). At room temperature, it is a liquid that is dark and viscous. It is a complicated mixture of hydrocarbons, primarily with carbon atoms in the 20 to 55 range. It is created by combining leftovers from various processing areas in refineries and diluting with middle distillates.


Lube Oil

We are distributors of all brands of lubricating oils and greases, including HPCL, BPCL, HPCL, IOCL, IOC, Shell, Castrol, Gulf Oil, Balmer Lawrie, APAR Power Oil, and IPOL.

We supply only genuine quality seal pack products. Mineral and synthetic lubricating oils fall into two basic categories. Mineral oils are lubricating oils that have been refined from crude oil that is found naturally. Lubricating oils made in factories are known as synthetic oils. Because it is cheap to extract the oils from crude oil, mineral lubricating oils are currently the most widely used kind. Mineral oils can also be produced with varying viscosities, which makes them useful in a variety of applications.


Low Density Oil

We provide an extensive array of Low Density Oil that is used in various industries. These Low Density Oils are processed by quality oil under hygienic.

Low density oil is a type of liquid petroleum that flows easily at room temperature and has a low density. Due to the high concentration of light hydrocarbon fractions, it has a low viscosity, low specific gravity, and high API gravity. Many industries use low-density oil in their manufacturing processes to produce heat and electricity. For simpler ignition, it has a lower flash point than heavier Fuel Oil (FO).


All Grades of Bitumen

Avatar Petrochemicals is Leading supplier all grades of bitumen vg 10 (80-100) for road construction and bitumen vg 40 bulk.

Bitumen used in road construction is categorized based on its viscosity or on how well it penetrates the pavement. The most widely used systems in America are Viscosity Grading and Super pave Performance Grading (PG). A penetration grading system is used elsewhere in the world. The grade of bitumen cement to be used for a given road project will depend on a number of variables, including the local climate, the amount of rainfall, the flow of traffic, and the cost of transporting the bitumen to the job site.

Authorized service provider for: Kochin Port Trust, Chennai Port Trust, Tuticorin Port Trust, IOCL, HPCL, BPCL, CCTL,